Ranting, Raving, and Rocking by Sal Canzonieri

This was my fourth column in AMP magazine. This one Rants on problems with Moslems in France way before the riots happened, Raves on cool horror and exploitation films on DVD, and Rocks on about Dollhouse, one of the best high energy rock & soul bands ever!

Loud Fast Rules magazine issue 1
AMP magazine
(June 2005 issue #34)
Column #4

Welcome to my fourth column for AMP magazine.

This Month's Rant:

My rant this month is about WW3.
WW1 started in Europe.
WW2 started in Europe.

I think WW3 will start in Europe. As someone that goes to Europe at least 3 times a year, you can notice things that they often are not noticing so easily themselves, cause it is slowly evolving for them. Kind of like if you see a young relative of yours a few times a year at holidays and each time you see them, they look taller and older each time, but their family doesn't notice the big changes you are seeing at intervals.

Well, this is what I am noticing about most of Europe: the local people are disappearing! No, I don't mean that in a racist way, just the simple observation that each time I go to certain countries I see less and less of the indigenous local people in the cities and even in the suburbs. But, instead I see more . . . what, you may ask? I see MUSLIMS. Tons of them. When I drive through some cities, for example Antwerp in Belgium, I see more Muslims than Belgians for a long time. Some goes for many other cities in Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Italy; the demographics are changing at a rapid rate. What does this mean in the long run? Plenty, if your country is no longer populated by your own people. Fine, if your country is a melting pot like the USA, where immigrants are pretty much assimilated into being an "american", but not fine when immigrants have no intention of ever assimilating and instead want to see you dead.

Let me tell you what happened in Paris, France a few months ago. On March 8, tens of thousands of high school students marched through central Paris to protest education reforms announced by the government. Repeatedly, peaceful demonstrators were attacked by bands of black and Arab youths--about 1,000 in all, according to police estimates. These Muslim kids attached these French kids, beating them up. The eyewitness accounts of victims, teachers, and most interestingly the attackers themselves said that the reason was only hatred. Young French girls were dragged by the hair in the streets, French boys were stomped on unmercifully, cell phones were demanded by the Muslim kids and then smashed to bits with derisive laughter. Witnesses heard repeated cries of "Not in the face. Not in the face."

Some of the attackers openly expressed their hatred of "little French people." One 18-year-old named Heikel, a dual citizen of France and Tunisia, was proud of his actions. He explained that he had joined in just to "beat people up," especially "little Frenchmen who look like victims." He added with a satisfied smile that he had "a pleasant memory" of repeatedly kicking a student, already defenseless on the ground. Another attacker explained the violence by saying that "little whites" don't know how to fight and "are afraid because they are cowards." Rachid, an Arab attacker, added that even an Arab can be considered a "little white" if he "has a French mindset." These Muslims beat up these innocent French kids for no real reason other than racism and hatred. One or two bullies would approach a student and ask for money or a cell phone. Even if the victim complied right away, they would start beating him or her. A striking account was provided by Luc Colpart, a history and geography teacher and member of the far-left union SUD. Colpart said the scenes of violence were so disturbing that he could not sleep for days. He saw students being beaten or pulled by the hair. He stressed that assailants who stole cell phones smashed them in front of their victims: "It was a game. Hatred and fun." Some scores of victims were taken to hospitals. Those who were interviewed confirmed that they had been caught up in an "anti-white" rampage and that the cops did nothing to protect them.

Let me tell you what others have seen there, Muslim women openly speaking contemptuously to French women. One newspaper, for example, said that a French woman was pushing a baby stroller and suddenly the Muslim woman pushed the mother, saying, "Move, pig Frenchwoman" ("Dégage, sale française"). Now, this was in a nice department store, not out in the streets. From what I have been told, it is no longer an isolated event either. Meanwhile, out in the streets, Muslims often clog up the streets to pray cause there are too many of them to fit inside the mosques and people can not travel on their own streets to get by. Also, in neighborhoods that have fast become mostly Muslim, when these kids are asked what nationality they are, even though they have been born in France, they respond "Muslim", instead of "French". When told that Muslim is not a nationality, they say "well, we are not French and do not want to be", even though they are French citizens. Some insist that they can't be French since they are Muslim. The presidential commission that examined the issue of secularism in 2003 reported that "extremist groups are working to test the Republic's strength and push some young people to reject France and her values."

Soon after the March 8 attack on the French youth, the French government's human rights commission delivered to Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin its 2004 report on racism and anti-Semitism in France. The report showed a disturbing pattern of retreat into separate ethnic communities with sobering evidence of hostility: The number of violent acts and threats nearly doubled, from 833 in 2003 to a record 1,565 in 2004. Of these, 62 percent were directed against Jews, who make up just 1 percent of France's population. French Jews are moving out in droves. French authorities have long looked the other way when Jews there were beaten and killed by Muslims and non-Muslims alike. The constant Jew-bashing in French schools, books and media -- most of it attributable, indirectly, to the French authorities -- turned into constant violence, which is not going to stop anytime soon. France had become a country where it is fashionable and acceptable to attack Jews, but Muslims were untouchable in the name of political correctness and now it is backfiring in their face.

Meanwhile, the head Imam of the Parisian mosque has declared that in three years France will be a Muslim republic! Meanwhile, the local indigenous people of each European country, not just France, are barely having any children, mostly cause they can't afford to have more than one, if they can even afford one at all, many say that they can not. Meanwhile, these Muslim immigrants, many of which are there illegally, are having lots of kids, and are filling up whole sections of cities and towns. And, since they have no desire to assimilate, they are creating their own world's within their host countries, not learning the local language, not getting jobs, not going to schools with the local people, not interacting with the local people as much as possible. So, what do overcrowded, anti-Christian, and bored people do who don't have jobs and money do? Hmm, make trouble and get involved in extremism. Maybe, terrorism? Parisian banlieues, or suburbs - are heavily populated by Muslim immigrants from North Africa, many of whom live completely cut off from mainstream French culture. Among young people, unemployment runs as high as 50 percent in some banlieues and crime has soared the past two decades. People openly recruit for martyrs to go to Iraq and elsewhere to fight amongst these disaffected Muslims. France is so for "fraternity" in its liberalism, which is great but not when the people that you have allowed to immigrate there and stay there largely on French welfare actually hate you. The Muslims are ten percent of the France's population now, and no wonder the Muslims think the French are weakling idiots, in the name of political correctness, they are committing national suicide! Can France exist 50 or 100 years from now, without the French? The deluded French Left says it is all "class struggle", completely blind to the obvious fact that their own country is being stolen from them from within, eaten from the inside out, because they refuse to see that these modern immigrants have no desire to identify themselves as French people. They are the new world Muslims, from many nations, who see themselves as of one religion, and who openly hate the people of the very country that they live in and who pay them to live there via their government welfare system.

Most Europeans have the attitude that your religion is a private thing and that you shouldn't be shoving it into people's faces, even that religious symbolism in public is an act of intimidation or provocation against people of other faiths. In France, there are two words laïcité and communautarisme that are often heard now. The first term implies a set of political and cultural values, which represent things that are done for the good of all in the Republic (such as the controversial recent law that mandating the banning of veils being worn in public schools by girls). It is the concept of an equality that prohibits any sort of discrimination in order to maintain social cohesion and public order. The second term roughly means multiculturalism, but in a negative way, like when other people's ideas are tolerated to the point that support is shown for female circumcision in Malian or Senegalese communities or acceptance of stoning women who are accused of adultery by certain Muslim imams. Like when human rights are undermined in the name of cultural toleration. Many staunch advocates of laïcité argue, on the other hand, that it is the version of Islam that refuses to separate religion from the public life that is the problem. Many educated Muslims in France, who are NOT in favor of Islamic fundamentalism, feel that this brand of Islamism is indeed a threat to democratic countries like France. They escaped the fundamentalists in Morroco, Algeria, etc, and came to France to be free and now they are afraid that these extreme Islamists are going to overthrow France as well.

So, France has a real scary problem! But so does many of the other European countries, something that will undermine the EU and what it wants to achieve, if it continues in the direction that it is going now. Statistics show that the way population trends are going, in 20-50 years the majority in France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Norway, and elsewhere will all be Muslim and in Holland this will be true in only 10 years. WW3? I think so. Only that there will be no one left to liberate, they will all have died out.

This Month's Raving:

My rave this month is about DVDs. I love them! Thankfully we don't have to deal with those ghastly videotapes anymore! Man, did Videotape suck! Ripping, tearing, snaring up machines, leaving gunk on the heads, wearing out until the film was invisible static. Fuck that. Hurray for DVDs! What's also great now is that you can buy ULTIREGION dvd players that can plays DVDs from anywhere in the world, for under $300! Which comes in handy when you are into foreign horror films! Most of the greatest exploitation and trash films from the last few decades aren't readily available here in the US, but with a region free dvd player, you can easily go on the internet and buy all the coolest DVDs around! If you are looking for such players and such DVDs, I recommend going to Luminous Video to get both! I got my Malata brand multiregion dvd player from them a few years ago and it is going strong. Also, they have the wildest films around from all over the world, all available from their
website: http://www.lfvw.com/

You'll find the greatest films by Jess Franco, Russ Meyer, Tinto Brass, Luicio Fulci, Mario Brava, and many more! They even have XXX 70s porn! And while you are at it, with your wallet out and credit card in hand, also check out the always fantastic Something Weird video website for even more of the wild and sick exploitation and trash films of the past. A whole world of film that just a few short years ago was considered lost or worthless. The industry that produced and distributed these films had long since vanished and there was no sign of these bottom of the barrel celluloid wonders. That is until now! From Best of Burlesque to the Raunchy Roughies! Check out: http://www.somethingweird.com/

This Month's Rocking :

DOLLHOUSE - one of THE BEST Swedish bands around, who easily blow away most of their more well known compatriots! Their live act is truly entertaining, being one of the very few bands that can pull off doing a James Brown cover and truly rock it out. Dollhouse's sound of course goes back to what was great about late 60s/ early 70s Rock, but they go beyond merely aping the music like most garage bands do. Dollhouse fills up the stage with a wall of power and glory. They really excite the crowd, knowing how to work their audience and engage them into the set. They look great, sound great, and act great. Right now they have an album out on the southern California label, Dim Mak, who should be firmly scolded for not promoting this amazing band enough! I toured with Dollhouse everyday for 3 full weeks and each night I was as blown away as the first night! This is REAL High Energy Rock & Roll that can't be missed! If you are in Europe, run to one of their shows! If you are in the US, grab one of their cds and contact the label and demand that they bring over Dollhouse to the USA! I can't recommend them more, the CD (produced by Michael Davis of the MC5) barely scratches the surface of how great they are live! PLEASE, some decent US Record label- grab these guys and let people see and hear them! Not too many bands can have the whole audience smiling and charged up night after night like these guys do. Dollhouse has amazing timing, an onslaught of wah-wah, and tons of High Energy Rock and Soul.

Dollhouse is:
Chris Winter - vocals guitar
Mauro Bozzi - guitar
Marcus Sjoberg - drums
Yoda Hassinen - bass
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
website: www.kiss.to/dollhouse
Also, check out: http://www.dimmak.com/dollhouse/

And: www.myspace.com/rockandsoul

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