Authentic Chinese Martial Arts and Qigong (Energy Healing)

Learn the original Shaolin Rou Quan and Louhan Quan roots of Tai Chi Quan, Xing Yi, and
Ba Gua Zhang
Make your CMA education more Efficient and Effective by learning the origin of all the postures and movements

Lays the proper foundation for a deeper understanding of Tai Ji Quan, Xinyi Quan / Xing Yi Quan, and Ba Gua Zhang internal styles. Without this true learning of the most ancient methods and body mechanics, one can attempt to practice internal martial arts for many decades but will never be able to generate any internal energy for self healing and self defense.

Our exclusive Programs are located in
Online for International and USA students and in person
in Wake County, North Carolina (NC), serving
Garner, Cary, Morrisvile, Apex, Holley Springs, Fuquay-Varina, and Raleigh - and other areas

Locations in Garner, Cary / Morrisville / Raleigh
Contact Instructor Sal Canzonieri to Join
(973) 752-4739 or

Instructor has practiced CMA since 1975 and has done 40 years of research, publishing "The Hidden History of the Chinese Internal Martial Arts" over 300 pages, available on

We teach rare traditional Shaolin and other Chinese internal martial arts, Energy Healing arts, Core body mechanics, Correct alignment, Self defense applications, and more!

Qigong ( Chi Gung ) and Internal Martial Arts Kung Fu Classes Available for Registration at the various locations!

Private and Group Classes also available, also Qigong Healing Sessions, call 973-752-4739 or email for information. Both Medical and Martial Qigong taught.

Testimonial from online German student:
"The teacher is a walking encyclopedia of the Chinese Martial Arts. You will learn lots of rare skills here that you will find almost nowhere else. He is teaching all the important details of bodywork very openly. Highly recommended" - WolfgangJahrling


We feature our exclusive
"JINDAO"TM (勁道) System of

A Complete Mind, Body, and Spirit Wellness Program

Developed from decades of experience, research, and practice


Benefits: Reverse the aging process; Enhance health & vitality;
and Promote longevity & total wellbeing. Also, Gain peace of mind & stress relief; stay fit & lose weight; and heal internal injuries.

"A fun way to gain the results of eating less & running without all the pain and boredom." - current student.

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What is Qigong or Chi Gong?

"Qigong (pronounced "chee gong") is similar to Tai Chi (Taiji) in that it is also an ancient Chinese art that uses gentle, natural exercises to increase and balance the flow of energy through the body. The movements in Qigong develop balance, coordination, flexibility, muscle strength, and endurance. Deep breathing is coordinated with the movements to promote relaxation and develop the mind-body connection. Qigong means "the practice of developing and balancing your Qi (life energy) to promote health." In Chinese philosophy, Qi is the bioelectrical energy that maintains our physical and mental well-being. When this energy is balanced through the practice of Qigong, all things flow smoothly and in a definite order. This leads to the individual experiencing physical, mental, and spiritual health."
- Bob Martin, MS - from his book Conscious Choice

Who should learn our programs?

Anyone considering a start or an improvement in internal health, unity of mind and body, and overall physical fitness should seriously consider learning our program.

Our Mind-Body Awareness Qigong and Internal Martial Arts programs provide excellent physical training and is recommended to all persons regardless of age, sex, or size or even physical disabilities. These specially designed healing energy exercises and proper breathing techniques will greatly increase one's cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility, motor coordination, reflexes, and self control. Also, promotes weight control, confidence, and stress relief. In addition, one has the opportunity to learn a fascinating art while learning very practical health enhancement and self defense techniques.

Men find the study of Natural Traditional Chinese Qi Gong and Martial Arts are an excellent way to maintain physical fitness, relieve daily pressures, and increase self confidence in the areas of daily problem solving.

Women find the Natural Traditional Chinese Qi Gong system to be an amazing way to keep in shape, lose weight, and tone the muscles while developing peace of mind and tranquility. Prevents osteoporosis; Gain stronger more limber body.

Even children benefit immensely from learning Natural Traditional Chinese Martial Arts. Through the practice of forms and techniques, children will develop great motor coordination, sharpen their reflexes, improve memory and concentration, and at the same time have fun while developing self confidence, self discipline, and self defense techniques - A MUST IN TODAY'S WORLD.

Enhance your sports skills, such as golf, tennis, baseball, basketball, wrestling, and other contact sports by improving accuracy, core body mechanics, efficient and effective movements, stamina, and correct alignment.

Our two programs are especially useful for conventional and alternative health practitioners (great for Reiki healers), athletes, and martial artists of all types.

The Natural Chinese Martial Arts & Qigong School is a traditional Chinese health enhancing and self defense training facility, located in the Whippany area of Morris County, New Jersey (NJ).

It is the only martial arts instruction in the greater Morris County area teaching authentic traditional Shaolin and Taoist based Internal Martial Arts and Medical and Martial Qigong for BOTH health AND self defense. We're positive our programs will allow you to reach your martial arts training or health enhancing goals.

We provide the tools necessary for increasing core energy and efficient and effective internal martial arts.

So, if you’re:

  • An adult student looking to learn real Chinese martial arts and / or Qigong in a safe and friendly environment-


  • A parent looking for a place where your child will learn the positive, life-changing lessons that only traditional martial arts training can provide.

Find out about our programs – it’s the perfect way for you to learn how Chinese Internal Martial Arts and Qigong training will change your life!

We offer classes in:

  • Chinese Qigong: (also known as Chinese Yoga but more like Pilates) are energy enhancing moving & standing exercises used for both Health and Self Defense. As reported by doctors, hospitals, research studies, and students around the world, Qigong practice is very beneficial to the quality of your life, thousands of years old material that can directly benefit you today! The famous Dr. Oz, Oprah's medical guru, on his television program also espoused qigong as a way to “add years to your life” and reduce stress.

  • Natural Chinese Martial Arts: (also often known as wushu, kung fu, gung fu, or gong fu) we teach Shuai Jiao, Shaolin Rou Quan (Soft or Supple Boxing), Shaolin Chang Quan (Long Fist), Shaolin Taizu (Taizhu) Quan (Grand Ancestor Boxing), Shaolin Luohan Quan, and more. We also teach Taoist (Daoist) based Internal Martial Arts, Yue Shi Bafan Shou, Tongbei Quan, Taiji Quan (Taichi chuan), Xingyi Quan, and Bagua Zhang (Pakua Chang), as well. Strong emphasis on core body mechanics and correct alignment. Also, efficient and effective self defense for the street is taught.

Click on the image for information on our Qigong Health & Self Defense Program.

Jindao Qigong Programs

Click on the image for info on our Chinese Martial Arts & Fitness Program.

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